Stonelaw High School Science Department

What We Do:


During S1 and S2, students will study general science. At the end of S2 pupils may choose to continue with a general science course or specialise in one or more of the following.



Study living things, such as plants, animals and humans, the natural world has a huge range of wonderful discoveries.



The entire universe is made of chemicals. This subjects looks at how everything is made, and what happens when they combine to create new materials.



The understanding of the entire universe is the ultimate goal. Explain and understand why everything behaves the way it does. From the apple that falls to the stars that shine, we will explore a huge range of ideas together.

Working With Us

We want our pupils and staff to work together to make learning fun, interesting and a place where pupils feel safe, and where their views and ideas are listened to. We encourage asking questions.

Our Promise

We Promise to do our best to teach the course material in a way that you can understand. We will always listen to your views, and will act upon them if it will help.

Our Philosophy

Building Tomorrow Today. We want our pupils to grow into mature adults who can think for themselves, and have the confidence to lead others, as well as work with others as part of a team.