Stonelaw Biology

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BGE Biology Course


You've made a great choice choosing Biology for S3 and S4! You start your Biology journey following our Fourth Level BGE course which covers 4 exciting topics and building key skills you will need for National Biology and beyond!


Over the four topics we will learn about the increasing human population and the impact this is having on the environment. We then study the importance of plants and the plant life cycle. In health and medicine we learn about healthy and unhealthy lifestyle choices and the impact this can have on your body. Lastly we learn about biotechnology and how we use enzymes and microorganisms to make many wonderful products from yogurt to bread to washing powder!

National Biology Course

From January of S3 all the way through S4 and our Senior National 5 class follow our National Biology course.


Following the course specification of National 4 blended with National 5, pupils have the opportunity to experience both levels of work. Through continuous assessment and coursework, pupils will discover the best level for them to be successful. 


The three units cover everything from individual cells to how they work together in multicellular organisms to whole ecosystems!

Higher Human Biology

Higher Human Biology is available to S5 and S6 pupils. 


There are 2 big units and 2 smaller units covering everything about the human body!


We start off looking at the nervous system and the processes that allow our cells to communicate. Then we learn about cells and all the wonderful things they can do! We learn about reproductive and cardiovascular systems and how we use our knowledge to overcome challenges like infertility and diabetes. Lastly we learn about our incredible immune system that protects us from infectious diseases. We also look at vaccines and clinical trials to understand how vaccines are produced so they are safe for all to use!

Advanced Higher Biology

Our S6 pupils have the opportunity to study Biology up to university level.


The three topics give pupils the opportunities to learn about the big players in Biology- cells and proteins and organisms and evolution.


Pupils also choose an area of biology to plan and investigate a key issue in biology such as effects of alcohol on liver tissue or benefits of antioxidants!


Advanced Higher Biology is a great course for those studying medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine or a science degree. It is best studied with Advanced Higher Chemistry for maximum impact on university studies.